Joliet Detailing


The first challenge that we faced at Joliet Detailing, was essentially convincing people that we could provide all of the particular services that we advertise, at your particular location. There is really no need for you to come down to “the shop”. We are usually not going to have to take your car for a couple of days in order to work on it. Granted, our services are those of an actual car mechanic. Still, with most of the services that we offer people are sort of used to having to drive down to the shop or the car wash. What we figured was that people had bigger and better things to do than sit around at a car wash waiting area. That first realization was really what drove us to keep adding services to our repertoire.  
Today, we can say with absolute confidence that all of the services that we can provide can be applied in a relatively short amount of time. Thanks to the team that we have hired and developed we can be confident that the quality of the services that we provide is also always going to be way above average. Just because we are offering the novelty of heading over to your home and making our services more “ comfortable” doesn’t mean that the quality slips. It is actually the opposite for us, quality is the most important aspect of our business. Otherwise, even if we were to be quick car washers no one would give us a call!