Joliet Detailing

Commercial Fleet Services

Our services are in no way limited to individuals that need their cars taken care of in a very specific manner. If you have a whole bunch of company vehicles that you need to have cleaned and tended to in general we can help you out. For starters, you are not going to need to find a way to get a whole bunch of cars to us. We are going to be the ones coming to you. Also, notice that we mentioned vehicles and not just cars. That is because, you may have a fleet of motorcycles, boats, obviously trucks, or whatever else you can have. Those are all vehicles we have experience tending to!   
What Number of Vehicles Can Qualify For Fleet Pricing?
No doubt one of the things that people think about when they see that we offer fleet services is that the per wash per car is going to go down in these packages. That is why these services are worth it! We tend to think that our services have much more value than that. In any case, though we can set up fleet packages for as little as 3 vehicles. It depends on the type of vehicles that you are going to want us to take care of.
We Come To You
Another one of the aspects that people tend to like about our fleet services is that we are going to be the ones that are coming to you. Yet, people typically want to know what they would need to give us so that our services can be successful. We are going to usually need access to water. That is pretty much all that we may need. If you can’t provide that, we can find our way around that. There is really not much that we are going to ask for on your end. We are here to help, not make your life more complex. 
What Type of Vehicles Can You Clean?
We can clean all sorts of vehicles. We have clients such as a boat dealership. They have us come in around once a week to make sure that we thoroughly clean the boats that they have on display. Granted, the type of filth that can build up in a showroom is way different than what you can expect to find under your boat after a day out at a lake. That being said, the point we are trying to make is that we can in fact clean all sorts of vehicles.
Specific Cleaning Methods Per Car
People sometimes will play favorites with some of their cars and we totally get that. One of the questions that we get though, revolves around getting specific cleaning services provided at a commercial fleet rate price. What we can say to that, is that it totally depends. It is one thing to give us a very specific indication on a particular vehicle. Something like, please don’t pressure wash the rims of this particular car, because of this or that. If that is what you consider specific cleaning, we are not going to be picky about the price. If we are talking about totally unique cleaning services, this can change.