Joliet Detailing

LED Headlight Installation

LED headlights have gone from a trend to a necessity for a lot of folks. They really allow you to have a clearer vision while driving through fog or obviously at night. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just have them installed by anyone and just be on your way. There are certainly, certain nuances, and even some legal guidelines involved. Mainly because cheap or wannabe LED  headlights can actually affect other drivers on the road. Those things can get you in some trouble. Obviously, this is something that you are most likely going to want to avoid. You can do so by having people who really know what they are doing, install your lights. That is exactly what we can provide!
Practical Headlights Not Just Show
Some detailing companies and car customizers are going to want to sell you lights that can even light up in different colors and things of that nature. We typically leave that to neon lights that don’t have a real practical use. All of the LED headlights that we install are street safe. As we have been mentioning our main goal is for them to be practical. We are doing this to improve your driving experience, and not just for show.
How Long Do These Headlights Last?
Usually, there is actually a warranty from the manufacturer as far as the active duration of your headlights. That is something that we offer up as well so that you can feel safe when you buy these headlights off of us. That being said, typical LED lights should be lasting around 20,000 active hours. If you really boil it down, that is a lot of driving time that you are going to have. Would we recommend that you fully shut them off during the day? In cars that have lights active automatically, they are not being used at full power all the time. So, it is usually not a big deal.  
Signs That You Should Think About Upgrading Your Lights
There are a couple of obvious signs that you should pay attention for. Which, could essentially indicate that it is a good idea to have your lights updated. If you just can’t see well at night or if it looks like your lights are turning yellow, those are two signs that you need help. These are things that you really should not ignore. You are putting yourself at risk if you are driving like this. It can also lead to a ticket in some areas. So, just don’t take the risk and give us a call.
Pick Your Product
No, not all cars are going to be able to use the same type of lights. We know that though, and we are going to make sure that we bring along the right type of pieces so that we can install everything correctly. We also work with different brand names. We do have some options that you can choose from in this regard. Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for!