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Window Tinting

Just as we mentioned in our home page window tinting is not just about adding style points to your vehicle. In fact, a cheap window tinting film can actually have a multitude of negative effects. Both on your health, as well as your ability to actually see while you drive. That is why it is so important to make sure that you are getting this service from people that have access to quality materials first off. You can never be too safe with this. We are not going to get mad at all if you want to verify that the film that we are using is going to actually prevent UV rays from damaging your skin.
UV Ray Protection
As we were mentioning one of the most important factors that we typically want to consider is whether or not the film that is being used offers UV ray protection. We typically work with different types of film for window tinting. Not just the different colors that we can offer. All of the tinting films that we do offer, have passed all of the guidelines to be deemed safe for use in cars and other types of vehicles.
What If I Get A Ticket Because of One Of Your Window Tints 
The reason why certain window tints are illegal is that they reduce the driver’s visibility. The problem that we see a lot of times is that there is no way for cops to really know what is legal and what is not if you are just passing by. So a lot of times it is just a toss-up over whether or not you are going to get pulled over. There are certain tints that we are not going to recommend for street-legal vehicles. We have them because we can apply them to boats and other types of motor vehicles. If you get a ticket for one of the tints that we can verify as street legal, we can help you verify that the tint is in fact legal so that you can fight your ticket in court. Yet, whatever tint you decide to have us apply on your vehicles is your responsibility.    
How Long Does The Process Take?
This actually is not a process that takes long at all. Once you have decided the type of tint that you want us to install it is pretty easy to just place it. Of course, this is something that we do with extreme care. To ensure that we are able to provide the proper look. As far as time goes though, it doesn’t take long.
Window Tint Removal
Could you go on ahead and remove a window tint on your own? Sure, you could, again it is not that hard. The problem is it can also lead to some unfortunate consequences. We can remove your window tinting quickly and wash your car, all while you are at work or having lunch. For a reasonable price. When you have those options why take any risks?